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About The Workshop

My name is Ophir Harpaz. I am a security researcher at Guardicore. I love doing reverse engineering in my free time.

In November 2017, I attended the BlackHoodie reverse engineering workshop for women in Luxembourg. This two-day training, taught voluntarily by @pinkflawd, was an amazing adventure. During the workshop, my friend Dafna Rosenblum suggested that we do a Low Level Celebration event in Israel, where we can teach other technological women some subjects in low level and security.

Low Level & Security Celebration took place in April 2018 in Microsoft R&D Center and was a great success. Carine-Belle taught a workshop on Virtualization concepts and technologies. Dafna Mordechai's workshop introduced the participants to the world of embedded systems and IOT. Oryan and I were responsible for the Reverse Engineering workshop.

This is a great opportunity to thank Oryan for helping me in executing this workshop by giving great professional advice, structuring the lessons and listening to the lectures time after time :)

We both thought it would be a great idea to put the workshop online, and so this site is a free-translation of the workshop into a web-based format. I hope you find it valuable.

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